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What is Supported Living?

Supporting living is all about enabling people to make choices to control their lives. We can help young people live independently, actively and happily as members of their communities and maintain relationships with family and friends.

To be ready for adulthood is our goal for our young people; and we aim to achieve this for every individual by helping them grow their skills. Every young person deserves a good start in life and that is what supported living refers to. In particular we support young people who have learning disabilities, autism, behavioural issues or other needs to live safely.

Benefits of Supported Living

Supported living allows young people to stay in close contact with their family and friends and be able to make use of the local facilities and services.

Support is focused on different areas including Accommodation, Work and Learning, Health, Choices and Behaviour and Practical life skills. We also assist young people that are recovering from health conditions such as Motor neurone disease, muscular dystrophies, down syndromes and brain injuries.

The major benefit of choosing supported living for a young person is the flexibility it provides; live in care ensures that the individual remains safe in their own environment. We develop a unique plan that supports every individual physically and emotionally.

We provide personal home care assistant that assists with housekeeping, preparing meals, socialising and companionship, preventing feelings of isolation and boosting confidence. We also provide key workers for every individual who review their support and progress.

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